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Ears to the Kingdom : Navigating the Magic with ConciEARS

This podcast is to help you plan your next Disney vacation. We are not only fans of Disney, but we are experts in helping you plan that memorable vacation. You will learn tips on preparing, and touring the theme parks, cruises, and more! Twice a month we will bring you episodes with trip reports, latest in travel news, tips from ConciEARS Travel Planners. For more info. visit

Jan 7, 2024

In Episode 8, Lynn and Annie are rejoined by ConciEARS President Lyndsey Wells for an overview conversation about the Disney Cruise Line.  We’ll discuss the 5 Disney Ships, their destinations, and why we think cruising with Disney is worth every penny!


The hosts also catch listeners up on some important Disney news...

Jan 7, 2024

In Episode 9, Lynn and Annie discuss the steps to take when booking and planning a trip to Disneyland. Including tips on when to go, how many days to visit for, strategies for booking theme park reservations, dining reservations, and more!


EARS to the Kingdom is a podcast all about Disney travel! Twice a month, our...