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Ears to the Kingdom : Navigating the Magic with ConciEARS

This podcast is to help you plan your next Disney vacation. We are not only fans of Disney, but we are experts in helping you plan that memorable vacation. You will learn tips on preparing, and touring the theme parks, cruises, and more! Twice a month we will bring you episodes with trip reports, latest in travel news, tips from ConciEARS Travel Planners. For more info. visit

Nov 5, 2023

In Episode 4, Lynn and Annie welcome the President and Co-Owner of ConciEARS, Lyndsey Wells, for a discussion about Walt Disney World. We’ll give listeners an introductory overview of the theme parks, hotels, and more at the Orlando Disney resort.


Also listen in for some important Disney news and updates from the world of Disney travel. You can also click here for a full list of available promotions, organized by destination. 


EARS to the Kingdom is a podcast all about Disney travel! Twice a month, our Travel Planners at ConciEARS share tips to help you prepare for your next magical vacation. Follow along for trip reports, travel news, touring hacks and lots of Disney fun. From theme parks to cruise ships to traveling the world with Adventures by Disney, our experts are here to make your vacation planning easy.


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