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Digital Desperados

Feb 21, 2024

In the riveting 11th episode of the Digital Desperadoes podcast, the gang dive deep into the captivating and tumultuous tale of Adrian Lamo, famously known as the Homeless Hacker. Lamo's journey unfolds from a tech-savvy enthusiast to a gray hat hacker, blurring the lines between morality and mischief.  

You'll hear about Lamo's audacious exploits, from exposing security flaws on major networks to hacking NBC live on air. The hosts infuse the narrative with a blend of sadness and humor, shedding light on Lamo's eccentricities, including a post-prison phase of "body hacking" through experimental drugs. The episode concludes with a reminder to stay safe in the digital realm, utilize SaferNet for robust cybersecurity, and steer clear of becoming the next victim of a Digital Desperado!