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The Historical Romance Sampler

Jul 17, 2024

In this summer vacation episode, enjoy a round-up of Victorian romance stories! Host

You'll hear from Liana De la Rosa, Andie James, Ramona Elmes, Andrea Jenelle, Alivia Fleur, Heba Helmy, and Evelin Laczi. 

00:00 Introduction and Summer Vacation Announcement
00:43 Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa

Jul 10, 2024

In this summer vacation episode, host Katherine Grant rounds up excerpts from historical romance novels set in the Georgian era. First, hear Gina Conkle read from 'For a Scot's Heart Only' a tale involving Scottish treasures and a shipbuilder's unexpected encounter in a brothel. Following this is an excerpt from...

Jul 3, 2024

Katherine Grant is on vacation, so enjoy a compilation of Scottish historical romance samples this week!


Hear from authors Lisa Rayne, Caroline Lee, Heather McCollum, and Celeste Barclay reading stories that are passionate and dramatic tales of fierce Highland warriors, cunning heroines, and medieval romantic...

Jun 26, 2024

Maggie Sims joins the podcast to discuss steamy romance and complex characters. Maggie reads a sample of her latest release, "Charlotte's Control,"and opens up about her unique take on historical romance, age gaps, and spicy dynamics.

Plus, hear about her journey from reader to writer and her favorite authors. Don't...

Jun 19, 2024

Debut historical romance author Evelin Laczi joins the podcast to read from her Victorian novel, THE ROSE OF GRANBOROUGH PARK. Then we chat about how her characters were inspired by her own family history, why she decided to write in English instead of her native Hungarian, and how her experience as a film...