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DOGgone Truth Podcast

May 24, 2021

This week on Episode 162, Donnie wasn't with me but instead my good friend, veterinarian Dr. Hugh Bassham joined me once again! It was a pleasure to have him share his personal message of better health. He has a book of the same name titled, "Better Health and A Plan to Achieve It" that is absolutely perfect for such a time as this. 

1. We talked about what total and better health is and what that entails

2. Our personal views and how what we're being told is good for our health via media (and government) is NOT!

3. And the simple solutions

Books mentioned (including Dr. Bassham's of course since this was the focus and topic of today's podcast):

1. Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It by Dr. Hugh Bassham

2. The Supernatural Power of Music by Len Mink

3. Redeeming Your Timeline by Troy Brewer


Donnie will be back with me - he's not going to be quite as regular, but OFTEN which makes me happy. We have a funny episode we want to do next which features both King and Ezra. We decided to not do a specific show on Ezra since I've already done several and we are still in major learning mode with this dog!

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