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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Repost from Season 1, 2018, Episode #13. This episode is actually from 2008 on my former podcast, Animal Talk Naturally, with my colleague/co-host/business partner/BFF, Dr. Jeannie Thomason. Our guest was Kathryn Grier who is the author of The History of Pets in America and was a museum curator at the time. 

This was such a fun and enlightening interview and very educational as well. Things I never knew - our pets haven't always been the same pets they are now which in the majority are cats and dogs. Cats and dogs were very much working class animals. Cats were used to keep mice and others in check, dogs were used for herding, guarding, hunting, etc. 

Kathryn shares so much of her research in this episode plus at the time she was researching kibble and how it all came to be. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

I mentioned this episode on last week's episode plus three other episodes that will be coming up in the next 3 weeks. 

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