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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

This week we'll go into the laws of health which are actually loaded with vibrational frequencies as you'll discover through upcoming episodes. You can find more about the laws of health under the category on my website of the same name: Laws of Health Category

This is episode 168


8 Laws of Health

*Nutrition is the foundation of health – according to species needs, not appetite, not convenience but what is needed to thrive.

*Fresh air daily – get outside and breath the air. NOT indoor air, outside air unless that is too toxic and then diffuse essential oils.

*Pure water daily – not chlorinated, fluoridated tap water but pure, clean fresh water. 

*Exercise - it is NOT optional. God made us all to be ACTIVE and MOVE - animals /pets included.

*Proper rest – without all the electronic devices invading our rest, turn them off.

*Sunshine – without the toxic sunscreens we’re told to use…that is another reason we’re also so Vitamin D depleted. But in moderation - bathing not baking. Watch the animals as they know how get their sunshine! Job 12:7-10

*Moderation - all things are to be done in moderation, or tempered. I think of this as pruning as God "tempers" my steps.

*Proper attitude which means to TRUST in the previous seven laws to work (especially during the detoxification process) and trust in God.

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