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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Nov 29, 2023

This is Episode #183, Season 4.  This week we have kind of a double allegory in one! Fragrance vs. scent or "sniff" for the dogs of course because it can be BOTH for them - especially since they are taking the lead on this allegory.

Teaser:  "Well, Attitude Adjuster, if I am being honest, it's really just a game I play with Her. She started that silly game with me when I was just a little pup and now we just continue on with it. Except I do growl a lot when she's anoints me at night before bed, WOOF. She doesn't buy it though so I should just receive it shouldn't I big brother? I suppose you and I are just the growly type of dogs as She says."

Quote: "Fear has a scent. Doubt has a scent. Anger has a scent. Judgment has a scent. It is the scent of weakness and limited human strength.  The fear of the Lord has a fragrance. Faith has a fragrance. Peace has a fragrance. And mercy has a fragrance. This is the fragrance of strength and the power of God.” ~Kathi Pelton

Show Notes / Blog Post: 


"Arise, my darling! Come quickly, my beloved. Come and be the graceful gazelle with me. Come be like a young stag with me. We will dance in the high place of the sky, yes, on the mountains of fragrant spice. Forever we shall be united as one!" ~Song of Songs 8:14, TPT


Essential Oils:

This is the allegory continued…reference my Be Well book for the descriptions of the dogs minus the Fierce Seer (also known as Ezra the Carolina Dog). His story is told on the podcast and here. Attitude Adjuster’s (also known as King the American Bully) story is in the book, this blog, and the podcast. You can receive the Be Well book in PDF for free if you sign up for the newsletter. You'll receive a thank you email with the link to download the PDF.






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