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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Okay we are back in earnest this week for Episode 155. I'll be honest and say I felt out of my element as I had grown used to being the only host for the last 2.5 years. 

Keep in mind, our podcast is unscripted and I have zero idea what Donnie is going to say lol. I might appear snarky with him at times but trust me, it's just how he and I jest with one another ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY! Thank you for joining us!

I feel we missed a few points which I'll point out here and hope that you READ these:

1. Jesus is always intended to be the center of every episode. Donnie just zeroed in on raw feeding which he is strong in sharing. I am grateful for that though. So we will be working out our "groove" in the coming episodes no doubt!2. Ezra did whine through a lot of the podcast this time - which he's never done before because usually he's with King and Donnie in another room. We made the mistake of putting King in another room because we didn't want them to get into one of their LOUD wrestling matches or tag lol. So when Donnie was talking I was petting and stroking Ezra, and when I was talking Donnie was, but if we forgot him for a moment he'd whine. He wanted King in the room too so that's how it will be going forward - King Bubba and Priest Ezra TOGETHER

3. We left out a whole lot of the middle because honestly, some of our story is just not so pretty unless viewed through the lens of the Cross of Jesus Christ - which not everyone will do. So there you have it.

Fridge's Story: 

Fridge was such an awesome dog and we felt it was time for him to be included in the list of our amazing Teacher Dogs - of which they ALL have been and continue to be. In fact, they will ALL (current dogs and angel dogs) be doing the blogging for me on my blog! Shadrach impacted so many that often when I share his photos on FB, I get so many saying how much HE helped them - yes him not me. So I aim to allow them free rein! 

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