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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Nov 10, 2022

Episode 76, Repost from July 20, 2019, Season 1. This episode was done in my hotel room at the Young Living Convention in UT with two great friends (Wendy Lovas & Breanne Altherr) who also happen to be graduates of the school in animal naturopathy my colleague Dr. Jeannie and I founded and ran for 8 years. This episode is all about us learning to grow together and even while we may have varying opinions and even beliefs, we are able to be good friends and actually have a discussion on how to move forward with the best care for our animals. I hope you enjoy listening in to our late night conversation sitting on my bed lol, discussing some of our favorite topics: animals, natural health, and oils!

Find Wendy on Instagram @solansspirit and on FB as herself. Breanne you can find on her website (she doesn't pay much attention to IG but she is under her name on FB).  



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