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DOGgone Truth Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

This is Episode #52, Repost from 2019, Season 1.  This is a 5-part series from a Lunch 'n' Learn I did back in 2014 to a crowd that was definitely interested in learning how to care for their dogs proactively, naturally according to their species needs - evergreen material. So join me as I added to this and broke it down a bit more for a 5-part series into natural dog health and wellness. This is Part 3.

In this episode I tell the story about my Great Dane boy, Meshach. You can visit his Memorial Page to learn more. I also share a bit about my Great Dane Leben, his story is told here in an episode on How NOT to Raise Your Dog

I also shared my Carolina Dog, Schatzie's story a bit as well. You can visit her Memorial Page to learn more. 

My Neo Mastiff Shadrach is featured in the photo. Here is his Memorial Page



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