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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Jan 24, 2016

There are jerks in our lives, at least that what we tend to call them sometimes, that just never stop getting on our nerves. We hope they act differently, but they never change their ways.

Is there anything we can do? Well, we can open our hearts and see what happens. Scary thought!

And why would we want to open our hearts to someone who acts so bad towards us? Find out in this episode.

Also, in the Ask Paul segment, I read a message from someone who is in a long distance relationship and isn't sure what to do since it will be three years until they can be together.

What would you do? Would you wait? Could you?

Finally, what's your contingency plan in case of a break-up or divorce? Do you have one? I'm not talking about your heart, I'm talking about your finances mostly. Some people are left with nothing after a break-up because they believed that what they had would never end.

The truth is hard to face that it is possible that what you have could end, so maybe it's a good idea to take care of yourself at least a little bit in the relationship too - that way if it all goes down, you won't have so many pieces to pick up and put back together. Today's episode is sponsored by where you can spend $20 a month on legal representation to ask questions, write letters on your behalf and more!