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Finding Subjects Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

A show where I read old newspaper stories and articles to help you fall asleep.

Yes, this is actually a thing on the internet where people listen to someone reading stories to help them fall asleep.

I've been told my voice is soothing and helps people fall asleep.

Recently I was asked to read something to help someone...

Mar 28, 2023

Just a quickie about taking time for yourself, disconnecting to connect, and appreciating your life.

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Mar 24, 2023

We do some laughter meditation today to get you ready for your weekend!

You are highly encouraged to participate!


#Laughtermeditation #Comedy #Laughter #Laughteristhebestmedicine #Laughaboutit #Laugh

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Mar 23, 2023

Episode 52. On this episode we play 'Guess the Lyrics' and then get interrupted by a strange sound we then play back for you.


Your guess is as good as ours.


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Mar 20, 2023

On this episode our special guest, Ed, talks with us about his lifetime of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, self-worth, and finally sobriety.

#Sobriety #Addiction #DrugAddiction #Alcoholism #Self-worth #Sober #Drugabuse #Acceptance #Beinggoodenough

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