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Nearly Non Fiction

Mar 21, 2024

Ichabod and Gary go head-to-head in this culminating interview never before heard!

Will Ichabod finally get a clear answer from Gary Schetner, CEO, President, and former outgoing Package Labeller of ©CanadianFreedomInitiative, LLC? Will Gary remember Ichabod's name?

Find out right here on this breaking news story by...

Mar 21, 2024

Hey guys, too lazy to get ripped this summer? Forget the sweat, and just get your butt into a pair of Kumgudders ©CanadianFreedomInitiative, Inc.

Kumgudders will get your bod from dud to thud (that's the sound of your lover pushing you up against the wall of your messy, dirty, dirty apartment.


Written by Ichabod De...

Mar 21, 2024

In this documentary, an artist struggles to find his place in the wide world of high culture with only a can-do attitude and some googly eyes!


Written by Pam Haasen

Voice Acting by Pam, Ichabod De La Rue, Greg Young, Patrick Willison and Mika Hirano.

Edited and Produced by Haasen Pod

Mar 21, 2024

Gary Schetner, owner, CEO, and outgoing package labeller for the Canadian Freedom Initiative has a sweet new proposal for the Bulky Valley in British Columbia for Triple Cherry Mine, a sure winner from a proven player!


Written by Patrick Willison

Voice by Ichabod De La Rue and Greg Young.

Edited by Q

Produced by...

Mar 21, 2024

Join us at the Smithers Professional Association of Zen, the ultimate in mindful, stress-free, zen-ish, calmly practice and you can take that to the bank, brother!


Written by Ichabod De La Rue

Voice work by Ichabod, Greg Young, Pam Haasen, and Patrick Williston

Edited by Q

Produced by Haasen Pod