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Wrigleyville Nation's Podcast - Chicago Cubs Discussion, News, & More

Mar 12, 2014

Jeremy, Pat, and Dave are back with a very special guest.  Jason Parks from Baseball Prospectus is here!  Take some time to learn why Baseball Prospectus ranks the Cubs farm system number 2 in all of baseball.  We spend time taking a deep dive into all of the Cubs top prospects.  Find out what it will take to get Baez and Bryant up to the major league team.  This interview will make you excited for the 2016 Cubs.  Jason breaks down a potential future Cubs lineup that doesn’t include Starlin Castro.  Jason lets us know who the best glove is in the organization.  We finish by letting Jason pick our Cubs #11 representative.

Cubs fans enjoy this feel good episode, the future is exciting!  (Pardon our Skype)