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Crimelines True Crime

Nov 30, 2020

A couple was watching for deer on a rural road in Tennessee when they saw the unimaginable, the lifeless body of 23-year-old Brooke Gregg Morris. As the police backtrack her movements on the day of her death, they slowly built a circumstantial case pointing at one person. But would it be enough for a conviction?


Nov 16, 2020

On one day in April 2015, t he police responded to calls to a hotel room in Gallup, New Mexico three times. On the last call, Dione Begay Thomas was transported to the hospital in critical condition. There were a small number of people known to be in that motel room yet, five years later, no arrests have been made. 


Nov 9, 2020

The community of Overland Park, Kansas came together in the spring of 1980 to look for 13-year-old Christen Hobson. His father and stepmother were beside themselves with worry after the boy apparently ran off. But when the truth came out over the next few months, the community was stunned. 

Music by Scott Buckley


Nov 4, 2020

Disclaimer: This episode deals with the details of multiple sexual assaults. Listener discretion is advised.

Within 48 hours of 18 year old Retha Stratton’s brutal murder, her killer was caught. The case against him seemed airtight and her family knew justice would be served. But they could have foreseen that Texas...