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Crimelines True Crime

Apr 26, 2023

An heiress to a fortune falls critically ill just as her marriage is falling apart. Decades after a sensational trial where her husband was the defendant, people still ask if justice was done. 

This case is disputed.

Podcast recommendation: FBI Retired Case File Review


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June 10th and 11th –...

Apr 19, 2023

After Tracey Richter killed a home intruder, she was hailed as the mother who risked it all to protect her children. The dead man’s mother said the whole truth would one day come out. It took a decade before that would happen though some say the truth was always out there.

This case is *solved* but disputed


Apr 12, 2023

A Washington mother was reported missing in October 2019. When the police began investigating, they were shocked to learn that she had been missing for a year and a half and the people closest to her couldn’t keep their stories straight. 

If you know anything, call the Spokane Police Department at (509)...

Apr 5, 2023

A young woman was seen entering an apartment building but the cameras never saw her leave. When she was reported missing, all eyes were on that apartment but no forensic evidence was recovered. Would a purely circumstantial case ever hold up in court?

This case is *solved*

Podcast Recommendation: FBI Retired Case...

Apr 4, 2023

This Easter, join Shane Waters on a whimsical adventure featuring 13 podcasters (including CRIMELINES!) as they share true stories of con artists and fake deaths. Delve into the magical world of the Enchanted Easterlands, where you’ll encounter peculiar characters and captivating true crime tales. Discover the...