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Crimelines True Crime

Nov 29, 2023

Charlie and Eric sit down with author Laura Norton about her new book Lay Them To Rest.
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Nov 22, 2023

When a juvenile is charged with a heinous crime, the idea is to punish to rehabilitate and allow that child to live a healthy adult life. But are all crimes, even when committed by a 14-year-old, forgivable? And how soon should that forgiveness come?


*This case is solved*



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Nov 15, 2023

When Carol Anne Taggart went missing, it wouldn’t take long for the authorities to close the book on what happened to her. But due to a loophole in Scottish law, her killer would be controlling things for years to come. Carol’s family is trying to change that. 

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Nov 8, 2023

In June of 2000, John Robinson was arrested on two complaints of sexual assault and one of theft. The arrest gave the police probable cause to search for evidence of what they really thought he was guilty of–murder. And that’s exactly what they found. 

This case is partially resolved.

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Nov 4, 2023

John Robinson was known in Kansas and Missouri as a conman, and eventually found himself locked up for about 6 years in state prison. But when he was released, the prison librarian moved to be with him and then she disappeared. It would take 4 more women to go missing before he was stopped. 

This case is partially...