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Crimelines True Crime

Apr 24, 2024

On July 26th, 1991, four bodies were found in three separate locations in St Louis, Missouri. The police immediately believed the murders were connected based on one simple fact: they were all members of the same family. 

 This case is solved.

 Timeline for the case    

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Apr 17, 2024

In 1995, 15-year-old Nicole van den Hurk disappeared on her way to work. Her family fought for years to get justice for her–sometimes going to extremes. In the end, they got justice and changed how the Dutch court system recognized families. 

This case is solved.

Case timeline

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Apr 10, 2024

Twenty-nine-year old Susan Poupart attended a party in May of 1990. Her mother had a bad feeling and asked her to stay home. Susan brushed off her concerns and went anyway. And 34 years later, her family is still looking for answers as to what happened that night. 

This case is unsolved.

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Apr 3, 2024

In the winter of 1981, Bud Rogers woke his children up at 3 am and hurried them to the babysitter’s house. He claimed his wife Lonene had left in the middle of the night and he was going to look for her. Forty-three years later, Lonnie is still missing and her daughter is pushing to find out what happened. 

This case...