This Old Marketing

It's here! The annual episode where Robert and Joe predict everything that will not go right in the content marketing and media world. This year, the boys predict:

  • A social media collapse - TikTok and YouTube see big surges as the waves of the strike Tsunami hit.
  • AI goes mainstream and actually starts to earn its keep – but NOT in creating externally focused content  but rather conversational Advertising and behind the scenes marketing work.
  • Brands go "all in" on owned media  - especially video.
  • Local news and journalism make a big comeback.
  • At least three, major brands launch new, shiny print publications and send them through the post.
  • X will see a huge advertising turnaround (due to the fact that most everyone left). More eyeballs for less dollars.
  • Newsletters will continue their hot stream, led by creator referral networks, and you'll see more creators stop producing their lagging podcasts.
  • More AI-driven news networks continue to launch, followed by an AI running for president in 2028.

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