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In episode 220 of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the bold move by Twitter, who announced they will remove political ads from their platform in a few weeks. Robert believes this was a good call, and that Twitter may not resume service in that area. Joe believes that Twitter completely dropped the ball, and they will resume service (and charge a premium) in a few months. Both believe the move was done primarily for public relations purposes.

In other news, Google buys wearables-maker Fitbit, and also looks at acquiring TikTok rival Firework. Joe and Robert also review Orbit Media's latest research on blogging, and what really works in textual media today.

In rants and raves, Joe applauds Elon University's approach to the Common App, while Robert rants about the talk around the demise of the CMO, and raves about how GDPR-compliant companies are winning (h/t @thanybethanybe).


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