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While the world gets distracted by Scarlett Johansson's possible case against OpenAI, the AI giant continues to do deals with media companies. 

This time, Open AI signed a deal with News Corp (owners of WSJ) for $250 million over five years (reported). Who's next?

Trump Media's quarterly reported was more than a disaster, and yet the stock keeps going up.

And we have a nice disagreement about whether Chick-fil-A should embrace or fire their internal social media influencers. 

Hits and misses include GaryVee's new book and Coca-Cola lens.

Rants and raves include content marketing platforms and a nice rave for the Cleveland Guardians baseball team.


This week's links:

OpenAI vs. Black Widow

OpenAI Signs Deal

Trump Media Report

Social Influencers and what to do

Coca-Cola Lens

GaryVee's Book Trailer


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