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Netflix Q4 earnings show how far the company is ahead in the streaming licensing deal with WWE vaults them into a live-events leadership position. So, what's next and what can we learn from their strategy?

Sports Illustrated is "mostly" dead. Here's a big opportunity for a brand like Nike or Under Armour to make a content marketing buy. Why isn't this happening more often?

And does the creator economy need a creators' union? The boys say no.

Rants and raves include Google finally killing off the cookie, while MrBeast goes to China.

This week's links:

Netflix Rocks Earnings

SI Almost Dead

Do We Need a Creators' Union?

G/O Media In Trouble

Google Finally Killing Cookies

MrBeast Goes to China

B.J. Novak Headlining Content Entrepreneur Expo (CEX) 2024


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