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Big news this week as leaked Google search API documents are released into the world. The TLDR? Google has been lying about how it formulates search results. What do we know? Google manipulates content like an editor of a media company would. But does it even matter?

AI scams are hitting a tipping point as we get closer to the US elections.

OpenAI inks two more content deals and Elon raises money for xAI.

Hits and misses include a home appliance store and Cheez-Its. 

Rants and raves include marketing agencies and GaryVee's commencement speech.


This week's links:

The Google API Document Leak

Celebs Getting AI Scammed

Atlantic/Vox Ink Deal with OpenAI

Elon Raises $6 Billion for xAI

HBR Recognizes Creator Economy

Home Appliance Sales and Service

Marketing Agencies as Consultants

GaryVee's Commencement Address


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