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In episode #217 of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert first discuss Disney CEO Bob Iger's statement that if Steve Jobs were still alive, Apple and Disney would be one company.

Let's all just pause right to ponder that possibility.

Then the boys dissect the new Recur network from ProfitWell...discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. Is it smart to launch 12 shows at the same time or should ProfitWell do one thing great and move on to the next one?

In other news, Joe unpacks how (owned by Amazon) took over streaming legend Ninja's platform without asking, "accidentally" showing porn. After that, 2012 called and wanted it's "Marriott is now a media company" article back (Robert points out everything wrong and right about this article).

In rants and raves, Joe is disgusted about Audible and how it's impossible to just launch an audiobook only, and applauds Freightwaves, an amazing content marketing example.

Robert raves Hasbro's purchase of Death Row Records and rants about IKEA's Slow TV.


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