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Elon Musk's remarks at the recent Dealbook conference show (inconclusive) evidence that he is actually trying to lower X's valuation to such a point to where he can buy the company back (from debtors) at pennies on the dollar.

Synthetic (AI) content is on the rise. Google is having major problems with it, and some (experts) say that over 90 percent of all content will be AI generated by 2026.

And finally, should creators (and marketers) start thinking about protecting their digital likeness? The boys say yes.

Rants and raves include an interesting move by Weibo and Google paying off publishers.

This week's links:

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Elon says "Go F' Yourself"

The Rapid Rise of Synthetic Content

How Creators Own Their Digital Likeness

Weibo and Anonymous Creators

Google's Publisher Group Shutting Down

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