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I know, it's hard to believe, but Episode #1 of This Old Marketing still has not sold yet as an NFT. Maybe you forgot? You can bid on it here at Opensea.

The social audio battle continues this week, with Spotify buying social radio player Betty Labs, while LinkedIn is about to release their own version of Clubhouse.

And guess what? Medium is pivoting again. This time, they are looking at a Substack model.

Rants and raves include a rant from Joe about Substack's $650 million valuation, while Robert rants about marketers only focusing on numbers.

This week's sponsor: Dialogue

Ecommerce businesses are faced with intense competition to lure shoppers into their web shops. Once those shoppers have finally arrived – thanks to expensive marketing and advertising campaigns – the ‘battle has just begun’. Now you need to keep your shoppers engaged and interested, providing them with a shopping experience that is personalized and, yes – fun! – in order for them to fill their cart and check out, rather than bounce away to competitors. It’s a tall order, and ecommerce businesses need all the help they can get. Enter Dialogue, an AI-powered personalization platform that autonomously creates the ideal buyer journey for every shopper, in real time. Dialogue peppers the buyer’s journey with highly engaging interactions. The AI engine meets the shopper in every point of the journey with personalized product recommendations and relevant content that perfectly fit the shopper’s intent and browsing patterns to hit all the coveted ecommerce KPIs: increased average order value, conversion rate, time on site, and retention. Dialogue’s secret sauce is its conversational and witty tone that engages shoppers and elevates their experience.


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