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In this episode of PNR's #ThisOldMarketing, Robert and Joe discuss the future of content, and why so many brands and agencies are looking more at advertising opportunities than owning their own platforms.  Facebook launches a new live video program for celebrities (at least for now) and the Uber of Agencies is coming to a town near you.  Rants and raves include a MillerCoors video series and how some people get content marketing all wrong.  This week's TOM example of the week: Arch Shaw.

This week's show links:

Why The biggest debate in advertising is irrelevant
Introducing Facebook Live 
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The Uber of Agencies: Why Marketers Want to ride with a new kind of shop
Emma's Modern Marketer's Field Guide:
Robert's Rave on MillerCoors:


Joe's Rant on "Why No One Cares about Your Content":
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