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Breaking news as the US Government bans TikTok on all government employee devices. In addition, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers put forth a bill to end TikTok's existance on all devices in the United States. Will this actually happen? Will TikTok be sold? What will the EU do? Get all your answers in this episode.

In our weekly Musky Scent update, Elon might buy Substack, and can liberal Twitter ever let go?

And finally, yet another creator economy software company begins cutbacks. Are there more to come?

Rants and raves include a shrinking Tesla and a Chief Revenue Officer Role at The Martin Agency.

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This week's links:

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US Lawmakers Look to Ban TikTok

The Senate Votes to Ban TikTok for Government Employees

Elon to Buy Substack?

Liberal Twitter Can't Stop Using It

Jellysmack Lays off Eight Percent

Martin Agency Announces CRO Role


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