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Special thanks to Gary Busey for his amazing introduction, to Pamela Muldoon for her sultry voice, and to JK Kalinowski for his design chops.

Welcome to a very special 300th episode of This Old Marketing. Big shout out to the sponsor of this episode,, who stepped up and supported this show when no one else would.

How does this show work?

Joe and Robert are going to take your questions - and we've assembled 10 of the finest and best questions -  yeah, pretty much the ones we felt like answering.  Some of them came through audio...and some of them came through our hashtag on Twitter...but all of them we assume came with love and affection. 

For those ten people who submitted questions: we'll be reaching out after the show to find out how to get you your prizes. As we mentioned, we're giving away a copy of Killing Marketing (either in print or in Kindle version) AND $50 in $TILT Coin.

We've separated the questions into two basic categories: industry trends and questions about us and the show.



Our first question comes in two parts... The first part is via the Twitter Hashtag and it's from Dennis Shiao.

On this show for the last 300 episodes, you've advised us forever to not build our content house on rented land.  With Web 3.0 now facing us - is it possible that the entire concept of rented land goes away?

The second part comes from email - and is from José Delameilleure.

I am a free lance content writer from Belgium. I work in the niche of B2B IT, and usually in even deeper niches like Identity and Access Management, IoT, Artificial Intelligence,... In these niches, we are usually forced to use 'rented land' like LinkedIn to get our messages out. What can we do to claim our own piece of land and attract visitors to it? 


Our next question also comes via the Twitter Hashtag and is from Jared Opfer.

What business had the biggest miss in the last 12 months?  Who has the biggest opportunity in the next 12 months?


Our next question is from our friend Bernie Borges through the Contact Form on our Website.

I'm looking for examples of blockchain solutions for B2B and I don't see them. All the talk about brands planning their NFTs are B2C brands like Disney and Starbucks. What can B2B brands like HubSpot, Oracle and CMI do on the blockchain? Should they mint social tokens? Etc. What's your take?


The next question comes from Eddie Naranjo via the contact form on the site.

The question is given the current transition from Web 2 to Web 3 - which business model and tilt would you use to bootstrap a new business for a person who loves Wordpress design, content marketing, affiliate marketing and is really curious about crypto, NFTs and a way to tokenize products or services.


Our next question is the last in our industry space from Yen Yee  who asked this question via the hashtag on Twitter.

What is the current content marketing technology stack at CMI Content, The Content Advisory and The Tilt?


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Our question number six comes from Annie Schiffmann and it's our first audio question.

How has the show evolved over 300 episodes.  If I looked at episode 99, 199 and 299 how would you say the show has evolved?


The Next question is from Esben Johansen and comes via the Twitter Hashtag.

If you could add one thing to your fantastic book Killing Marketing what would it be?


The next question is from John Morgan and comes via the Email Contact Form.

Of all the trends that you've covered over the last 8 years, which has been the most surprising, and what has lasted that you didn't think would last?


Is another audio question - and it comes from our friend Ian Truscott.

What is your favorite cocktail?


Our last question comes from Rebecca and is through the Email Contact Us Form.

As you look out to the future of Content Marketing and Content Creators - what do you guys think you'll be talking about on your 400th episode?

Thanks to all our wonderful listeners for making this possible. We love you.


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