This Old Marketing

Could marketers finally be waking up to the advantages of direct print? The relaunch of some high-profile magazines, and the launch of Robinhood's new print magazine leads our discussion.

In other news, Alphabet is reportedly looking at acquiring Hubspot and a new privacy bill is being drafted in Congress. synthetic AI training data setting us up for disaster?

Hits and misses include Jack Conte and Rants and raves include creators Kelsey Russell and Andrew Huberman.

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This week's links:

Women's NCAA Ratings Bonanza

Google/Hubspot Deal

New Privacy Bill

Nylon Re-launches in Print

Robinhood Creates Media Arm

Tech Giants and AI Training Data

Jack Conte's SXSW Presentation - The Death of the Follower

Kelsey Russell and Print Newspapers

Crisis Communications and Alex Huberman

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