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In a whirlwind week on The Hill, a TikTok ultimatum (sell or be banned) passed the House, the Senate and was quickly signed by the President. What happens now?

META's quarterly results were outstanding...and then the stock dropped 20 percent. What happened?

Taylor Swift does her own deal with TikTok, making the executive team at UMG furious. Is this something for creators and marketers to follow?

Hits and misses include Cedar Point and Google.

Rants and raves include a big rant against Telsa marketing and an important reminder social media from Jay Clouse.

This week's links:

Biden Signs Bill Against TikTok

TikTok's Creator Economy Stares Into the Abyss

META Announces Earnings...Stock Sinks

Taylor Swift Goes Direct with TikTok

Google Fires Protesters

Cedar Point's Content Creators

Tesla's No Marketing Move

Jay Clouse on Social Media

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