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To kick off the show, Joe and Robert detail their "advanced" Clubhouse experience (likes and dislikes) and why it may have legs.

And did you check out the Tom Cruise deepfakes?

Roku buys Nielsen's Advanced Video property, and increases its chances to corner the personalized TV advertising market.

Axios details the ever-increasing amount of gambling properties getting into the content marketing game.

Twitter does a Twitch and plans to launch a "Super Follows" program, which will most likely integrate into Twitter Spaces.

And finally, Facebook launches a huge ad campaign against Apple's privacy restrictions. Can anyone say Philip Morris?

In rants and raves, Joe discusses Wall Street Bets move to decentralization and Kings of Leon's new NFT while Robert rants about Google's privacy bomb.


This week's sponsor:

It is a known, and sad, fact that SaaS companies spend a not-so-small fortune on lead gen. CRMs are clogged with leads that, truth be told, get very little attention, usually in the form of nurture automation, a.k.a. pre-defined email sequence. The result? Few leads are converted and qualified into SQLs. Money spent goes to waste as sales team don’t have the capacity to properly qualify leads resulting in cold to lukewarm leads being pushed to sales calls just to ‘fill in the quota’, so to speak. This time, it’s time that’s wasted. You know where this is going… there must be a better way... Enter Exceed, intelligent AI that autonomously and automatically nurtures and qualifies leads. Exceed digs into your CRM and starts engaging leads in two-way conversations via email, website chat and text messages. The interactions are wholly conversational and personalized based on user and historical data. Once the AI qualifies a lead it independently books a sales call with the relevant sales rep and – immediately – goes back to qualifying more leads.


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