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Another media company bites the dust. This time it's the once-darling Vice Media.

Is the news media business model broken or is there something else at work here?

A big supreme court case involving social media moderation is being reviewed by SCOTUS. Could it happen? We'll see this summer.

Is Google on death row? It's clear the product is getting worse. Will ChatGPT come to the rescue?

And Tyler Perry shelves his studio project because of Sora.

Hits and misses include Bitcoin and Air Canada.

Rants and raves involve the fractional CMO and a Florida law banning social media usage for youngsters.

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This week's links:

Supreme Court Social Media Case

Vice Media Shutting Down

Is Google Search Dying?

Tyler Perry Shelves Studio

Air Canada Is Stupid

The Fractional CMO

Florida Lawmakers Pass Social Law


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