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The Resilience Hour

The Resilience Hour podcast is hosted by Rachel Zito, LCSW, who brings a unique perspective to discussions with her background as a licensed mental health therapist as well as co-owner to a successful online training business for the trades industry.

In each episode, she engages in meaningful conversations with a wide array of guests where we get to see how Resiliency is a part of all facets of life. Topics range from mental and physical health, business insights, lifestyle choices, and more.

Her goal is to create an authentic, honest space for learning, inspiration, empowerment, and engaging dialogue. A place where diverse voices come together to share, educate, and enrich our understanding of the world around us.

Jul 15, 2024

I talk once again with Hutton Henry, a Kolbe-certified expert from Beyond M&A in the UK. Hutton joins us to dive into Kolbe assessments, a unique tool for evaluating team dynamics and improving business operations.

Hutton explains how Kolbe assessments measure our natural instincts, especially under stress and creative...

Jun 17, 2024

Dr. Hosein Kouros-Mehr is a physician scientist and author with a groundbreaking approach to personal growth. With over two decades of experience in cancer research, Dr. Kouros-Mehr has shifted his focus to the default mode network (DMN), a critical brain function that influences our thoughts and emotions.


Jun 12, 2024

Ever wondered what it truly means to redefine masculinity? In my latest podcast, I talk with Mac Scotty McGregor, a seasoned speaker, trainer, and advocate for diversity and healthy masculinity. Mac's impressive resume includes roles as a Seattle City Commissioner, guest instructor at the University of Washington, and...

May 28, 2024

In this episode, I talk with Amy Kelly, a full-time working mom and successful leader in a male-dominated industry, who shares her journey of navigating leadership through personal hardships and losses.

She discusses how her leadership style transformed to one grounded in empathy and vulnerability, especially after...

May 20, 2024

Jimi Okubanjo, the visionary founder of Folajimi Worldwide and producer/director of ARISE FIREBIRD, boasts a 20+ year career in leadership and management consulting with Global Fortune 100 corporations like McKinsey & Co, Amazon, and Royal Dutch Shell. Her international award-winning documentary, “ARISE FIREBIRD”,...