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On The Right Side of History with Kansans for Life

Feb 27, 2024

Jack Cashill and Peter Northcott join the podcast to discuss the power of stories, the swing of the cultural pendulum, and the inevitable triumph of truth.

Feb 20, 2024

As a young woman, Kansas Rep. Rebecca Schmoe was abused and battered. Facing an unexpected pregnancy, she was pushed toward abortion by a medical professional she trusted. Hear the outcome of the dramatic story and how Schmoe stared down her greatest fear.

Feb 13, 2024

An international race is on to cure diseases and build superhumans through cutting-edge technologies. Is this good, bad, or possibly even both? How can sound pro-human ethics save us from catastrophe?

Feb 6, 2024

Proponents of euthanasia and assisted suicide are working to make death seem like the easier, desirable path. Canada, our nearest neighbor, is falling into this trap. Does this lead to countries creating a “duty to die,” and how is this effort eerily connected to organ harvesting?