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Mission Critical: Defense Recruiting

Mar 13, 2024

Embark on a journey from the frontlines to finance this week with the formidable force, Mladen Brkic, as we journey from his days as a wartime translator to pioneering success from a young age, becoming the CFO of Ultra Intelligence and Communications.

Mladen's life story reads like an epic tale of resilience, adaptability, and the triumph of the human spirit as he talks us through the synergy of strategy, relationships and finance. Mladen's tale is not just about the numbers but the human connections that fuel progress and resilience in business. Mladen shares how global experiences and parental advice helped shape his career and the transformative power of mentorship, unpacking the wisdom garnered from navigating high-stakes challenges. Plus, don't miss Mladen's invaluable insights on team leadership, hiring for culture fit, and the life lessons he's passing down to the next generation. Key points throughout include: 

  • Conflict resolution: The power of positive intent and nurturing relationships
  • Culture shock: Navigating the transition from New York to Kentucky
  • Balancing career expectations and opportunities
  • Guidance through hardship: Valuable advice learned from mentors
  • Embracing skill diversity and learning from those you lead
  • The key to balancing brilliance and building high-performing teams
  • Three vital business metrics for success
  • Strategic hiring: Identifying potential and investing in development
  • The feedback loop and fostering supportive work environments
  • Career advice for the next generation

"You want to hire really smart people but cannot have too many rockstars because their egos will clash. You have to find just enough rockstars that they complement each other and that they become smart enough that they can work together. "   Mladen Brkic.

Are you ready to unleash the beast in defense recruiting? Join us next time on Mission Critical Defense Recruiting, the ultimate podcast unveiling strategies to build powerhouse teams in the defense industry. Don't miss out on the inside scoop for crafting your unbeatable squad! 

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