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Mission Critical: Defense Recruiting

Apr 3, 2024

Are you ready to uncover how data innovation is propelling aerospace and defense into a dynamic future? Join Torsten Welte, Global VP and Head of Aerospace and Defense at SAP, as he navigates the transformative power of data in reshaping the industry. This conversation is a blueprint for future leadership as Torsten discusses the balancing act required to prepare tomorrow's leaders, bridging the gap between seasoned pros' experience and the younger generation's innate digital fluency. Plus, Torsten reveals the importance of data-driven decision-making and shares valuable tips on how you can avoid being hit with technical debt. 

When crisis strikes, it's an unwelcome yet formidable teacher. Torsten shares a real-life experience of tackling a dire system failure, revealing how this near-catastrophe exposed communication breakdowns and sparked a sweeping revitalization of internal dialogue. Torsten also echoes his belief that failure is the most intense way of learning, explaining the benefits of cultivating a learning culture that honors growth through failure. Key points throughout include:

  • Managing complex client relationships and project challenges
  • How goal alignment and trust are key to collective success
  • Change management: The key to preparing for digital transformation
  • Empowering next-gen leaders for future success
  • ERP transitions: Strategies to overcome technical debt for seamless implementation
  • Crisis Management: Turning operational failures into success and cultivating a learning culture
  • The importance of cultural awareness in a global workplace

"If you build up trust, whenever you ask somebody for help, they help—so, getting to a point where there are no surprises, that's the best thing for managers. That is one of the key things I've learned over the years in projects and teams that is critical." – Torsten Welte.

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