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This is the Essential Cruise Tips Podcast with cruise expert and author Gary Bembridge. Full of tips, advice and ways to plan and get the most from your cruising vacation.

Jun 28, 2023

I reveal the best and very worst things I experienced on my AmaWaterways Nile River Cruise and time in Cairo, and answer if all things considered is it worth taking this trip. It's complicated

Jun 21, 2023

I was asked by a fan of the channel, Heather, “How can we make the most of our port stops when we can't afford any excursions or activities?”. This is what I recommended they do in each port based on my various trips there to still ensure an amazing and memorable time on their Alaskan cruise. Download my "Alaska...

Jun 14, 2023

While there are many things that catch passengers out once they are are in Alaska on their cruise, I want to highlight some things that trip up many cruisers before they go, including my good friends Graham and Pete - as I explain....


Jun 7, 2023

On recent cruise I met disappointed or frustrated passengers, while everything was going to great for me with no unpleasant surprises, and I realised it was due to some checks and things I learnt from smart cruisers to do in the the weeks and days before a cruise. So, here are 9 things that will transform and improve...