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This is the Essential Cruise Tips Podcast with cruise expert and author Gary Bembridge. Full of tips, advice and ways to plan and get the most from your cruising vacation.

Feb 28, 2024

Just before my much anticipated and costly $1,800 a night cruise in Norwegian Viva’s all-suite Haven, “Cruise with Ben and David”, one of the leading YouTube cruise channels, released a critical review raising many issues and complaints about it. So many that friends of mine suggested I cancel, as they knew that...

Feb 21, 2024

While Cruise lines make it easy and convenient to book and buy most things for a cruise directly with them, have you stopped to ask if it’s in your best interest? I have! Cruise lines are banking on us not shopping around and discovering that some non-cruise line alternatives not only cost less, but are better, safer,...

Feb 14, 2024

I reveal 5 tips, tricks and hacks that experienced and smart cruise passengers that I have met on recent cruises agree are ones that savvy cruisers all use and know about – but not everyone does to knows about! 

Feb 7, 2024

I look at the four times I recommend cruise passengers take a cruise line excursion rather than any other alternative for exploring a cruise port like self-touring or independent tour guide or company