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If you are looking for technology secrets for your agency to impress your clients, then today's episode is just for you.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • 3 technology secrets that will WOW your clients.
  • A Facebook development that every business should be using.
  • The hottest trend in live streaming video.
  • The #1 easiest hack to boost your Google ranking.

On this episode of The Smart Agency Master Class, we’ll hear from Ryan Steinolfson with some advice that can boost your business and totally impress your clients when you bring these growth solutions to the table.

Ryan’s agency, Accelerate Marketing, specializes in social proof and live streaming video for it’s clients. He says live streaming is a lot more complex than it appears and his agency helps their clients with it in three ways:

  1. Live streaming on the client’s behalf.
  2. Teaching client teams to live stream, or with their course Live Stream Blueprint.
  3. Developing “Advocacy Days”, which are live stream events among multiple strategic partners that are connected using a common hashtag.

According to the 2016 Future Outlook of Digital Agencies, we know brands hire agencies to be their technology leaders. They expect their agency to bring them emerging trends that will build business. I’ve been saying it for months now, Live Streaming is H-O-T and your clients need strategies for using it to their benefit.

Here’s more about live streaming video from a previous podcast guest, Kim Garst, founder of Boom Social.

Here are 3 major technology secrets that will WOW your clients!

1. Facebook Live can now be used for any business page.

As of a few weeks ago (from original post date April 2016), Facebook Live can be used on any business or public profile page. They just flipped a switch and made it available - and this is HUGE NEWS!

Using Facebook Live, you can:

  • Stream live video using the Facebook app from your iPhone or Android device.
  • Add call to action text over your live stream
  • Boost your videos by add keywords optimization
  • Embed or repurpose your videos.
  • Have your followers subscribe to get notified when you’re broadcasting.
  • Allow your followers to comment in real-time, share and embed your video.

(Be sure to “like” my page and check out my Facebook Live videos now!)

And Ryan has learned that right now, Facebook is giving preferential treatment to people/businesses who are using the Facebook Live feature. So live streaming videos are jumping to the top of news feeds (for now)... that means more opportunities and more reach.

2. The next big thing in live streaming video is 360

After Meerkat and Periscope introduced this technology, we’ve seen both Facebook and YouTube jump on board. YouTube allows you to give access to others to live stream on your channel and drop a graphics card into your live video. Which is super cool.

But the next BIG thing in live streaming is 360° videos. Ryan says he’s got his eye on Livit - an app for live streaming in 360°. It integrates with 360° cams for one of the coolest end-user experiences he’s ever seen.

3. The BEST trick for moving up in Google rankings

We know social proof (or social influence) carries huge weight in purchase decisions. Did you know that you can help your clients generate leads and crush it just by getting more reviews?!

According to Ryan, 15% of your Google ranking is based on your social proof.  So more positive reviews, means a high ranking. His agency has even seen movement from a D-position to A-position just from getting 10 or 15 reviews. This is a powerful tool that you and your clients are probably not taking advantage of, but should be!

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