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Have you made a pivot in the past few months to adjust to changing times? Are you looking for a way to help your clients connect with their customers, even through this global pandemic? As today's guest says, "Content was king and then it got promoted." Strategic content marketing helps you stay connected and remain top of mind. If you don't have an effective content strategy, you need to create one, now.

In today's episode, we'll cover:

  • Why is content creation on the rise right now?
  • 2 reasons content is more important than ever. 
  • How you can get more out of your podcast. 

Today I sat down with my good friend and repeat podcast guest, Steve Pockross, CEO of Verblio, an online content creation agency. Over the past few months, Steve and his team have seen some interesting trends when it comes to how agencies are responding to the economic crisis. He's here to share some of his findings and shed some light on what agencies can expect in the future. 

Why is Content Creation on the Rise Right Now?

It's an interesting time to run a marketing agency. The world is experiencing an economic crisis like never before. As agency owners we've been in a similar position, but never to this extreme. When it comes to content, Steve says he's witnessed some noticeable changes over the past few months.

Not surprisingly, when the health crisis began, many agencies came to a screeching halt — nearly 20% of Verblio's clients went on pause. But then there was a shift. As agencies began to get their footing and adjust to the market they realized, "Hey, we need to reach out to people," Verblio saw a jump. By the beginning of May, business from larger and mid-size agency clients was up 26%.

With many of the agencies I've worked with, there's been a similar trend. People are home more. They're consuming content like never before. And to be honest, we're all getting a little stir-crazy. As businesses begin to reopen, consumers are searching for you or your clients. 

2 Reasons Content is More Important than Ever

I hear you, "I've tried content before and it just wasn't my thing." Trust me, content is more important than you think, especially now. Why?

  1. The competition has dropped, dramatically. Before the economic crisis, content had to battle with other forms of media for attention. Now that conferences and live events are no longer happening, it's content's time to shine.
  2. More people are paying attention. Think about it — how much time do you spend online? Chances are, it's a lot more than this time last year. People are home more, working, studying, and browsing the internet. If you have an online presence, you have a better chance of getting noticed. 

Tone is important, particularly in this climate. You get to choose how you come across to your audience. One of the best things about content is people can view it at their leisure. While this used to be the bane of marketing professionals in the past, you can now use this to your advantage.

How You Can Get More Out of Your Podcast

You've heard me say it before — podcasts are a great marketing tool for your digital agency. So where does content come in? When you create a blog post or show notes from your podcast, each episode serves a dual purpose. You get traffic from the actual show and the post.

I've used Verblio for my blog posts for several years now. I simply send over a recording of each show and one of their writers takes care of the rest (with some helpful input from my team). You'd be surprised how an external writer can take your podcast and turn it into a keyword-rich thought leadership post with very little work on your end. My audience can listen to the podcast, read the post, or, do both. All this equates to better SEO and higher traffic.

If you haven't invested in content, there's no better time than now. Whether you create it in-house or outsource to an agency like Verblio (I recommend the latter), it's only a matter of time before you see results. 

Ready to Outsource Your Content Creation?

Do you want to try out Verblio's services and learn how you can simplify your agency's content creation? Verblio has a team of over 3,000 writers plus an amazing staff that helps manage your writing projects and make it even easier to provide quality content for you and your clients. 

Right now, Verblio is offering two free months of account management services to Smart Agency Masterclass listeners. This offer includes content creation, SEO optimization, and your own personal account manager. For more information, head over to to learn how your agency's content creation can be easier than ever.

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