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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE with host Patrick Henningsen bringing you all the top stories from the US, Europe and internationally. This week we’re joined in-studio by UK Column editor Mike Robinson, to discuss the bizarre breakneck circus which is the America 2018 Midterm Elections, and this week’s apex of nuttiness and hashtag hell first with Faux Letter Bomber, followed immediately by the Synagogue Shooter, followed by…? We’re waiting for what will be served up next week, but in the meantime social justice brigades and censorship mobs have moved to server PayPal and Microsoft services access from the online free speech platform Gab. In the first hour we’re joined by special guest, writer and artist, Gilad Atzmon, to discuss the wave of censorship and ID politics speech policing which is churning in the wake of yesterday’s Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting. In the final segment, we’ll connect with our roving correspondent for culture and sport, Basil Valentine, for his newly revamped segment, Basil’s Magic Roundabout, with all the latest political gambits and so much more. Enjoy the show…

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