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In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on August 30, 2023, Patrick dispels the popular myth that New York City was a ‘Covid epicenter’ in the spring of 2020, a narrative created through a fake account exactly like the mass hysteria whipped-up by media and governments around Northern Italy before it. Also, we explain the complete canard which is ‘gain of function’ and the “Lab Leak!” farrago – both science fiction narratives used by the Pentagon, and the global medical-Big Pharma machine to retain the public belief that SARSCOV2 was a ‘bioweapon’ super-virus unleashed on the world by Fauci & Co., and why promulgating  popular ‘Lab Leak’ conspiracy theory is one of the medical-military complex’s key components to keeping the ‘global pandemic’ framework in place. All this and more.

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