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Fake Ad Reads: Lil G's Dentristry


Andy Carlson of the Purple FTW podcast here to tell you about Lil G's Dentistry

It's grilling season boys and girls.

And I'm not talking about brats, burgers, & and chicken. NO!

I'm talking about ice on your grillz, baby!

Dentist Lil G and his partner Jakob Mescovitz will make sure your teeth
are blinged out for summer.

I'm talkin' gold, I'm talkin' silver, I'm talkin' platinums, rubyies.

Any sort of precious metal you want sodered onto your pearly whites, G and Mescovitz can Do it.

Now They are NOT incorporated.
The do NOT carry liability insurance.
And they only take. straight cash homie because they don't file taxes...

Tell em that Purple FTW sent you, and you'll get your 11th tooth FREE. (After you pay for 10 up front)

So what are you waiting for? Get your ass down to Lil G's Dentistry & get your grill on, son!

Their number is 651-555-Teef. T-E-E-F. 651-555-TEEF. One last time 651-555-TEEF

Bling bling. Bling Bl-ow.

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