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*Welp*. Despite Chicago's best efforts, the Minnesota Vikings fell at Soldier Field Sunday 24-13. Marking our 7th consecutive loss at that Godforsaken space ship on Lake Michigan.

It was a disappointing game all around for our Minnesota Fightin' Vikings who now fall to 4-6 and seemingly no longer in the mix for the playoffs.

But, as Vikings Fans always do, we shake it off and move on.

Shaking It Off Talkie Points Include:
• Failure in All Three Phases – The Trident of Failure
• Teddy In Cold Weather
• #FEEDMcKinnon is back in effect
• RIP Matt Kalil
• Charles Johnson: Common Name, Uncommon Production
• Where the Hell Did the Defense Go?
• Mike Zimmer as a Head Coach
• Jared Allen – A Love Letter
• Purple FTW! Helmet Stickers
• Mandatory Adrian Talking Point (Yeah....)
All that and other laugh so we don't cry (or vomit) jibber-jabber on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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