Purple FTW! Podcast

Darren Campbell of Kick Ass Blog Vikings joins us as our (2-4) Minnesota ikings head to Buffalo for a delicious matchup Sunday vs the (3-3) Bills.

Hot Wingy Deliciousness on the level of:
• How Zimmer calling out the team can be good or backfire.
• Offensive Line misery: #TeamFlipKalilandCharlie
• Teddy is not a bust. Nor is he a Hall-of-Famer (yet)
• Keep McKinnon Free, Zim.
• Cordarrelle is not healthy or effective.
• Greg Jennings: $9 million/yr WR4.
• Norv Musgrave.
• Chase Ford Love.
• Hodges over Greenway.
• Anthony Barr gushing.
• Josh Robinson is making a Pro Bowl.
• Vikings-Bills: The Oh-Fer Eight Bowl
• The Bills D-Line vs the Vikings O-Line = Woof
• The Vikings run game vs the #1 run defense in the NFL.
• Kyle Orton will ALWAYS be Neckbeard.
• EJ Manuel & Christian Ponder are basically the same guy.
• Sammy Watkins respect.
• A Ted Glover reference.
• How the Bills can get got.
• Is Rick Spielman on the Hot Seat?
• Is Carl Gerbschmidt a real person?
• Nova Scotia love.
• How Darren (a Mike Tice doppelganger) would've handled The Love Boat.

All that and other and lots more bad-assedness on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast.

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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