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Have you ever watched someone like a professional athlete, a musician, an artist, or craftsman who is laser focused and appears to be executing perfectly because they are “in the zone”?  


Even better, maybe you’ve even felt that yourself, where you were just “on” and nothing could stop you?


In this Life on Fire TV episode I share my quick and simple tip to snap your fingers, change your state of mind, and instantly get in the zone.


That’s what being “on”, or “in the zone”, or in a state of “flow” really is, hyper-focused attention and emotion.  It is a state of mind, and can, therefore, be triggered or “summoned” consciously.  Everything that doesn’t matter in the moment gets tuned out, and you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing, it just happens, flawlessly.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go from having a bad day to an AMAZING day in seconds using this technique?


OR, to go from a good day to a great day just by thinking about one “moment on fire?”


Use what you learn on this episode to get ready for your next big sales call, presentation, 1st date, or to just feel great and energized any time you want to!


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