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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 185 of Life on Fire.Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or creating your ownbusiness there are 5 ways you can unlock your own freedom, andtoday I’m talking about each of them.

The five ways are knowledge, purpose, relentlessaction, networking up and utilizing a coach. In this episode I’llexplain what each component means and why they are critical tocreating and sustaining your long-term success. These apply toeveryone from 9 to 5 workers to CEOs to solopreneurs.


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why purpose is important.(2:50)
  • How your biggest messes can lead to yourbiggest messages. (5:05)
  • Why proximity is important to your success.(9:10)
  • A strategy I used effectively to work withDaymond John! (9:45)
  • Why a coach is so critical to creating alife on fire. (13:05)
  • And so much more!


5. Knowledge.

We’ll work our way down from five and start withknowledge. If you want more freedom you need to have knowledge: totruly develop yourself, your business and the best version of youyou’ve got to know how to do that and that comes fromknowledge.

There are a few ways to acquire knowledge, booksbeing the obvious one. Whether you listen to the audio book and orread the hard copy, books are a great way to learn more. A goodpractice to have is to get up every morning, do some sort ofmovement (like walking, running, hiking, etc) and listen to a bookat the same time. 

Another way to increase your knowledge is to go toevents. If there is something in particular you want to learn aboutfind out when there will be a conference on it and get there.Chances are the very best in the industry will be at the event andyou can learn from them, and network with them.

4. Purpose.

Fourth on this list to unlocking your freedom ispurpose. If you don’t have a strong why behind you then wheneveryou achieve whatever you have set out to do, that achievement won’tfeel as fulfilling. If your purpose is big enough it will pull youthrough the difficult times and will make you want to jump out ofbed in the morning!

A great way to discover your purpose is to do anexercise I call the 3 Ss: story, stance and strategy. Write outyour story in a timeline format: map out the big milestones of yourlife and take a step back. You’ll see the dots and connect themwhen you do this.

Then think of your stance: what really fires you upor makes you angry? That is what you are passionate about and willbe what you create your movement around.

Finally is strategy and that simply consists ofputting your story and your stance into action.

3. Relentless action.

Work your face off! Not literally of course but puteverything you have into your efforts. Personally I spent most ofmy 20s sacrificing everything else for my business: relationships,friendships, family, even God…I put it all second to my business.So today I work my face off but only during certain hours, I keep astrict schedule and I adhere to it. But during those hours I takerelentless action to achieve what I want, and I recommend the sameapproach to you.

2. Networking up.

When you’re at a networking event be sure you arenetworking up. And what I mean by this is find out who the topinfluencers are in your market. Now create a strategy to connectwith them by adding value to their lives.

More than likely the influencers you want to connectwith are very busy, so if you want to build a relationship withthem the best way to do this is to give to them. Always startrelationships with giving as your top priority. Ask yourself howyou can gain their wisdom and still give back.

Find a way to make their lives easier because themore successful someone is the higher the chances are that they areoverwhelmed! So remember to give first and add value to theirlives.

1. Get a coach.

And finally the top way to unlock your own freedom isto get a coach. I always recommend this whether or not someonechooses to get coaching through Life on Fire because when I hiredmy first coach at 30 it changed everything for me!

You can go it alone but it will be so much harder andtake so much longer if you do. And don’t let lack of money stopyou. If you don't have the cash flow what can you do to get closeto them and learn from them? Can you work for them? Volunteer attheir events? All of these are great ways to learn and grow fromtheir knowledge.

All five of these pieces are critical to success:knowledge, purpose, relentless action, networking up and getting acoach. When you listen to episode 185 you’ll dig into each one soyou can start implementing them in your life. Doing so will helpyou be well on your way to creating your life on fire!



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