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In part 1 of this 2-part episode, special guest, multi-million dollar internet marketer, Mike Koenigs, takes us inside is brand new office and video recording studio to show us how he is seen, heard, and read anywhere and everywhere using some of the latest free an inexpensive tech tools. 


As Mike put it, “it’s a fun time to be alive”.  The technology that exists now, including hardware, software, and online free tools are the best and least expensive tools we’ve ever had access to.


And, the benefit as a marketer is it allows you to be on every smart TV, in everyone’s pockets, laptop, desktop, tablet, you name it!


Following Mike’s strategy, you can produce valuable, professional quality content on a very small budget.


Don’t miss Mike’s 11 words that he used to land an academy award winning celebrity (and how you can use it to swing open massive doors of opportunity too).


And, make sure you check out part 2 of this interview where Mike hones in on how to connect to your audience and also shares with us how to become a self-published Amazon bestseller!


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